Help with Quad lite subwoofer


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Jun 30, 2008
Quad lites 5.1 and onkyo 606 amp ps3 for dvd. Just want to know the best settings for the quad lite sub. Connected it to my onkyo 606 amp and dosent seem to give me the big sounds with explosions as l expected lacking a bit of depth. I quite new to this so ran the automatic speaker setup for quad lite surround speakers front and centre 150hz rear 80hz and sub 100hz front and centre --6 db rear -7db and sub -15db. sub frequency filter set to off, phase 0degrees volume 99.Volume 60 to 65 on the amp gives me clear and fairly lound speech but i want more bass with out pumping up the volume on the amp already 99 on sub what should i adjust the frequencies or turn the db up on sub. Thanks for any help.


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Jan 12, 2008
before you run the auto setup - set the sub volume to about 60 - 65. Then when it's finished, set the crossover on the amp to 120hz. On the sub itself, you have everything else set fine. that should get you started. if it still seems on the quiet side, just raise the volume on the sub when you set up. I had your problem initially.

I have my lites set up with an 875 - honestly, when i turn the volume up when watching a movie, my room shakes during action scenes, and the volume on the sub is only at 75!

For your info, my other crossovers are set at 90hz, (not what audessy se them at) which seems to gove a really clean, full sound field all round. i left the values for the db levels and the equaliser settings cause they seamed spot on.

hope that helps


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