Help with new speakers.


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Aug 10, 2019
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Im looking to change my current speakers to another set.

First of all just to try something new, but my room doesnt exactly fit my speakers too well.

Right now i have a set of Heco Celan XT301. They are phenomenal when they get some space, but right now i only have 22cm to the rear wall.

So im thinking of trying something else.

I've considered the Monitor Audio BX2, but im concerned if they are a big downgrade from the Heco's.

Ive also looked at the Arcaydis DM1, they are small, but can they be placed close to a rear wall?

My last thought was going all the way into floorstanders, but my rooms size talks against it i think. Maybe the Monitor Audio BX5 will be good enough?

Oh btw. My amp is a Advance Acoustic MAP-308.

I hope you can help me choose something that can be placed close to a rear wall, and have a maximum pricetag of around £400. Im also looking at used speakers - i live in Denmark, so its not the biggest selection :)

Regards. Kristian


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