HELP! Will My 7.1 Rear Speaker SetUp Work In My Room?


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Jun 6, 2008

I have a 7.1 speaker set & and due to limited options & fixed listening position (my bed, which is against the back wall!) I can only really mount the speakers at wall & ceiling level - one on each side wall facing inwards & two on the back wall (4m) about 1.5m apart facing towards the front, though I can angle all speakers to face downwards to a suitable degree.

Will this work in my room (W4m  x L3.6m x H2.4m) or will it not sound right as I understand the back speakers have to be some distance behind you? I just assumed I needed a 7.1 set up as most av amps are all now 7.1 sound formats and I wanted to future proof whilst I have the chance. If my proposed set-up will not work, then does it mean a 7.1 amp is no good for me and that I will not be able to have Dolby/DTS HD sound with only a 5.1 amp?

It will be something like below, the arrows are speakers position & direction, the line the back wall, & the O's are he listening position (looking from above) - hope it gives an idea! Many Thanks!


________ V____________V_______

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