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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi im a first timer but would like some advice please.

My son wants a HD tv for gaming on his xbox 360, sport and general tv . Looking at 32 or 37 in, what are the best buys? He has seen an LG32LB75 which he likes but I have been warned off by chap selling panasonic, but panasonic are a lot more expensive, are they worth the extra and why , or are there any other recomendations

thanks in advance


I cant say that I like LGs, my mate has a 32 inch lcd, rather similar to my Sony, except a bit glossier. I don't know how the prices compare, but lets just say that the image quality doesn't. He had football on it when I was round there last, and all I could see was a green mess with coloured blobs moving around on it. It was atrocious with the motion of the players. I wouldn't go for anything bigger than a 32 for gaming, unless you are sitting a fair few metres away.


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