help needed with connecting a games console to a Pioneer PDP 427 XD


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I am having trouble connecting my very old Nintendo N64 to my Pioneer PDP427XD TV, I have tried to use the old coaxel aerial connections that I used on my old tv but the Pioneer "aerial malfunction" so I looked in the manual & it says use input 5 for connecting games consoles. This input has an s-video connection which I can't use as the connection is a coaxial on the N64 unit end (no match). The other is an composite (L + R audio + video) at the tv end but I have only 1x composite connection at the Games console end. I can't seem to find a cable like this (although it says commercially available in the console instructions)

Any ideas on connecting via the coaxel (maybe using another channel) or where I can find the composite cable I require.

all help is very welcome

many thanks

Jon Hillman


Good luck with this one, mate. The N64 was never that well catered for in the connection department (I used to own one). The only company I know of that does video game connections was Keene Electronics, but I've no idea if they will stil stock any N64 stuff. There web address is


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