Help for a newbie please! Pioneer 4280XD and Onkyo 605 set-up


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Aug 10, 2019
I hope somebody can help with the following 2 questions:

1. What is the difference between the Pioneer 428XD and 4280XD, which I have? I'm very happy with the screen, but I wonder if there is a difference between the two models.

2. I have my Sky+ and Onkyo DVD Player connected by HDMI to the 605, which in turn is connected to HDMI Input 1 socket on the Pioneer. Everything works really well, except when I just want to listen to music played from the DVD player. The music plays fine with the screen turned on. However, if I try put the screen into standby, then the music mutes for one second, plays for 5 seconds, mutes, plays, mutes, plays and so on. None of the HDMI control settings on the Pioneer or the Onkyo seem to make any difference. The current settings are:

Pioneer: HDMI Control Setting [Input 1]:
Power Off: On
Power-on Ready: On
Hold Sound Status: On
HD AV Converter: Disable

Onkyo SR605: Hardware Setup: HDMI
Audio Out: Auto
Lipsync: Enable
xvYCC: Disable
Control: Enable
Power Control: Enable
TV Control: Enable

I have painfully gone through each setting in turn trying all options, but there does not seem to be a way to listen to CDs or MP3s without having the screen turned on. This doesn't happen when I listen to the radio using the SR605 Tuner.

Any ideas or suggestions would be really welcome!

Thanks in anticipation,

Dave Loewy

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
More a maybe than a definitive answer, but I suspect it is an HDMI conflict of some kind. Try connecting the DVD player's stereo analogue outs to a line-in on the receiver, and using that input for CD, or even connecting a digital (electrical or optical) cable between the player and the receiver, and using that input for CD.

Yes, I know it means more cable faffage, but if it solves the problem...


Thanks Andrew, that sounds like a good workaround. I was just hoping that there was an obvious HDMI config trick I was missing.

I guess I'm a bit surprised that, with the awards for both the 605 and the Pioneer, nobody else has run into this problem. As a former electronics engineer, I guess I shall have to read up on the spec of HDMI to understand the possible conflict. At least the regular 5 second on, 1 second off pattern will give me an idea what to look for.

Keep up the good work!



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