Hello experts, Could you guys give me some help here?!!!

Oct 24, 2016
Hi guys, I'm pretty much new to this hi-fi speakers stuff especially the cables, too much. So here is my problem, I have a pair of bookshelf speakers (Klipsch Synergy B-10) and a cheap Lepy Amplifier bought from ebay.


Bascially, my speakers and the amplifier are both working fine. But I also have a powered logitech z313 subwoofer laying around doing nothing. Just wondering if I can possibly replace the 2 satlelite speakers of the z313 set with my bookshelf speakers? As in take the subwoofer out of the system and connect it with my bookself speakers somehow? Please help. Thanks alot!!


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Try this:

Disconnect the satellite speakers from the Z313 set.

You will now need to connect your audio source in parallel with the Lepy amplifier and the subwoofer input. The Lepy will of course continue to power your Klipsch speakers, the sub will be powered by its own, internal amplifier.

I bought a similar little Lepy amp for someone and on the back it had Phono (RCA) sockets AND a 3.5mm input socket for its stereo input. These inputs were already connected together (in parallel) inside the Lepy. If this is how yours is, (in which case your instruction manual tells you not to use both connectors simultaneously - ignore that) you can very conveniently connect your source to the Lepy with a dual RCA lead (which you may already be doing) then just plug the Z313 input 3.5mm jack plug into the 3.5mm socket on the Lepy.

The Z313 'Remote pod' volume control can then be used to bring in the right amount of bass to enhance your bookshelf speakers.

If, by chance, your source currently connects to the Lepy amp with a 3.5mm plug then you need one of these type adapters to parallel connect sub to Lepy input:


If your Lepy does not have the 3.5mm input socket, you will need TWO OF THESE:





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