Headphones on(around) ears with bluetooth for PC gaming


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Feb 8, 2022

So i have been using couple of wired headphones on my journey on around 15-25 euros (didn't really need anything good, just working - Genesis Argon 100, Tracer Dragon, Genesin Neon 350 - which i am using right now and sound is really good enough for me). Problem is not a sound in this years of using like 3 different headphones, but jack connecting cable fo headphones with PC. After around a year after buying new headphones the connection is starting to malfunction and cut off the sound - after that i need to rotate it couple of times (the connector jack to PC) so the sound will go back on - sometimes it works after one try, sometimes it goes off 2-3 more times in a matter of seconds. It's really frustrating to try to play anything , listing to music or talking with someone and have this kind of problem.

Thats why i am thinking about the wireless headphones, the question is which one in a price 20-~60 euro (dont really have max, but dont want to spend so much on it) can be fulfilling with expectations. I have no base on headphones from which to start, couse as i said, i've been using 'shitty headphones' for a long time and only thing that kinda matters is that i can hear every step of branches cracking around in a game to know where is an enemy :D . So ye... i would like too get some help with this problem of mine, happy to hear every comment related to it to help me understand and maybe even choose something later on my own,



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