HD-DVD and Blu-ray: friends forever!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I think that there's a risk of the 'useful' information, advice and requests for help on this forum being swamped by point-scoring from Blu-ray and HD-DVD owners.

I don't understand the intense passion of some people pro/anti HD-DVD or BD. Most of the level-headed posts I've seen on AV enthusiast forums have been from people who have both BD and HD-DVD players, a PS3 (which will still play games if BD fails) or an EP30/35 (which are great dirt-cheap SD upscalers if HD-DVD fails).

The eagerness some owners have in publicising any negative news about their 'opposing' format is moving AV into the realms of mobiles or consoles (e.g. XBox vs Playstation), with blind loyalty to specific manufacturers leading to forums swamped with point-scoring one way or the other.

Unless we genuinely believe our opinions on these forums will impact on whether BD or HD-DVD will become the worldwide dominant format, we should all enjoy our repective high-def toys and be nice to each other

Until the situation changes, I'll continue to enjoy Batman Begins on my EP35, I'm happy my brother's enjoying Spiderman on his PS3 and astonishingly we're still going out for a beer together later


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Dec 28, 2007
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You mean... I should talk to someone with an HD-DVD player... well, I say...

Only joking and couldn't agree more. What made me laugh was you put this up and then someone put up a post under an hour later saying how everyone was being mean to HD-DVD and they should just leave it alone and not bad mouth it. Nasty old Sony!


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