HD drop on Virgin


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Aug 10, 2019
I'm getting increasingly irritating dropout on BBC-HD through my V-box. There'll be set of squares (sometimes around a moving or strong element of detail such as a moving face, but mostly horizontal across around a third of the image) followed by a drop in sound or a distortion. I can see the previous frame within these squares.
Virgin don't seem to know what it is.
Before I set aside a day to get a V-Bod in to look at it, does anybody here know what's causing it or has had similar problems?


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May 28, 2008
Fraid not not but I presume ? you have tried the usual power off/on which often cures a multitude of glitches.


Yup. I've taken the card out. wiped it. Turned around three times. Turned the power off. And back on. Thrown salt over my left shoulder. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Bupkus.


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Jan 7, 2008
You seem to have done all the usual things. Rebooting the box often helps but obviously not in your case. Only thing for it is to call it in as a fault on your box. Things like this though have a habit of not occurring when the the tech comes round to look at it. Suggest you try to tape or record it so the tech has something to go by if if not still occurring when he visits.


I recorded Wales v Enlgand rugby on BBC HD the other week.

It failed in both my V+ boxes.

On 2calls to some overseas call centre I was told it was the "service provider" not allowing live events to be recorded.

I pointed out they were the service provider (utter lack of comprehension). I pointed out my payment of the TV licence, and finally the fact my Dad was sat watching it on record on his Sky box.

On my second call they told me the same thing and "promised" to call me back to explain who was stopping the rights to record it, and what was not allowed. Never had a call since. Probably due to the the fact it was just a botch in transmission?

My advice, just get out a Techy NOW, who speaks English and who will help you. Do not waste time trying to get advice from those who are afar... including folks here who will be guessing at best.

And to top it all the rugby wasn't repeated, and the red button "game highlights" took me to the sports page with the score on it. Rant over.

Call 150 and get a person round!!


Could be poor reception (sounds stupid I know - must be a better term for it).

I had sound dropouts and picture artefacts on music channels and the engineer adjusted the gain and now it happens very rarely.

I think they give you a minimum bandwidth though your cable and sometimes its not enough - may have it wrong though :)


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