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Mar 30, 2020
I have been raised as a teenager under Sansui Music as my father had a complete Hifi.
But at this time I was not knowing that I was already listening nice music.

Later I started to be serious about music and cinema with a full 5.1 samsung home cinema. I kept this HC
for a while but it started to dysfunction.
So I had to buy my first HC amplifier an Onkyo 414 and then a subwoofer
And then a videoprojector
and finally two loudspeakers under Quadral brand.

And so on, so today I have a complete Hi Fi system combined with a HC system (Yamaha AX 2040).
I also have a second hifi system with my old Quadral loudspeakers, a Velodyn subwoofer and an old
amazing Sansui AU7900.
I so love Sansui that I have a BA F1 and CA F1 (all Sansui devices had been totally refurbished by a pro) also with
an Audio GD dac (NFB29).
So music and Hifi are very important in my daily life ( I own more than 1000 dvd and Blu rays).

I spend time to understand accoustic science and more about equipment.
My life is also about sport, travels, and few other hobbies.

I plan to buy a 65 inches TV but now it's virus...

What I hate the most : people following the trend because they saw some sheeps running in a direction.


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