Graham Slee Elevator to Era V interconnect


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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently use the Graham Slee Era V phonostage for my vinyl.
I am planning to move from an MM to MC cartridge (probably Ortofon Rondo Bronze) and have picked up the
GS Elevator MC step-up box at a good price.

I assume the connection between the two GS boxes will be key to the success of this move
so my question is - which interconnects to use?
I have a spare set of QED Silverspiral, that I use in the rest of my system. Are these up to the job?

Vinyl side of my system currently comprises:

Nottingham Analogue Interspace
Moth3 (Rega 300) tonearm with Incognito re-wire and TechnoWeight
Goldring 1042 MM cartridge
Graham Slee Era V phonostage
QED Silverspiral interconnects
Exposure 2010 integrated amp.
QED Silver Anniversary bi-wire cable
KEF IQ3 speakers on Nexus stands.

power via QED conduit, Russ Andrews Yello and Black Rhodium Supermains 13, all sat on a Quadraspire stand.


Thanks for the advice, I'll try these interconnects and report back.
I think I just "suffer" for upgrade syndrome. I am very happy with these interconnects
in the rest of my system but continue to read to reviews (the wires have droped from 5 to 4 star! but I picked
them up at half the price - damn I want the best sound but like a bargain).


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