Cartridge upgrade MM or MC?


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Aug 10, 2019
I've been using a Goldring 1042GX MM cartridge on my turntable for about a year and although really pleased
with the sound think it can be better (you know the feeling). My "excuse" would be that I use the GS EraV
phono stage and picked up the matching Elevator MC headamp, at a good price, and don't want to not
use the later.
I've been thinking about the Ortofon Rondo Bronze MC (ca £450) as it gets great reviews but there is
now the Ortofon 2M Black MM (£350) which also gets great reviews. My big worry is that if I move to MC
I add another box and another interconnect between the cartridge and amp and I can't believe this won't
affect the sound quality (?) So is the "upgrade" to mid price MC from top end MM worth it? and would
I even notice it in my system.

System = Nottingham Analogue Interspace, Rega 300 arm (Incognito re-wire, Techno-wieght and VTA adjust),
Graham Slee EraV phono stage.


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Sep 9, 2007
hello jimc, how about the dynavector dv 20x high or low output moving coil very nice.the ortofon bronze is also very nice,i heard this on a rega 7 bloody good deck but the 2m black is interesting as are all the 2m series as they look a perfect match for the rega headshell, i take the slee is mm only.


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