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Aug 10, 2019
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Thank you all so much for your advice.

I have been to demo the Marantz PM6003 and the Yamaha A-S500, both I loved but thought the Yamaha just was a little better, plus its has more inputs for TV and so on. Tried many many speakers from MA BX2, MA RX1, MA RX2, Dynaudio 2/6, and B&W CM1.

The Monitor Audio RX2 really were amazing. High, mid and low is all there clear as a whistle. At some points I thought the artist was in the room with me.

Haven't made my mind up yet as I'm trying to keep within a £1000 budget, but I'm loving the Yamaha A-S500 and Monitor Audio RX2 together. The store only used a Yamaha CD-S300 which seemed ok. Any suggestions on how I can keep within budget.

CD Player




And Cables

Also, without offending anyone. Does it really make a huge difference which speaker cables or interconnects I use?

Many thanks again


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Dec 23, 2007
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Well you've just proved the most important thing in hi fi buying; have a listen and make your own mind up. I think the Marantz amp blows the Yamaha away but it doesn't matter what I, or anyone else thinks.

I wouldn't worry about going a little over budget. If you get what you really want you'll have it for a long time and will get good value from it. I set out to spend £1500 a while back on a system and ended up spending over £2500, but six years on I still love it!

Let us know what you decide on...


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If you like the Yamaha with the RX2s then that seems a good way to go. Try the Marantz CD6003 with that combination. It is hard to find a CD player to better it without going up to a Rega Apollo, and even then it isn't a night and day difference IMO. One thing I would suggest is seeing if you can get a home demo of the RX2s to make sure they work in your room. Depending on your listening space the RX1s might suit better, so a home demo would be sensible.

Having owned both the A-S500 and the Marantz, I agree with Roger06 and much prefer the Marantz, but the Yamaha is a great amp and the most important thing is that it suits you. Nobody else's opinion matters.


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