Question Freesat on Humax box keeps setting World Cup to record on ITV HD


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Nov 1, 2009
How, or why does this happen? I haven't set this to record, but it keeps appearing on my 'planned' list. I really worry about this invasion of my privacy and the fact that an external process is setting programmes to record which I haven't set. I've searched everywhere, but can't find any other references to this. Like I said, it's worrying that something can be set on my planned to record without my consent.


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I really worry about this invasion of my privacy
Hopefully you don't use any voice assistants, if you're worried about your privacy 🥸

There will be an explanation for what you're experiencing.....if they were setting boxes to record things, it wouldn't just be yours.
And can you imagine the backlash if they were found to be doing that?
I have a Humax box, and you can look under 'schedule' to see what it is expecting to record and delete accordingly. Stuff doesn't disappear when a series finishes, so as stated above it may be that you've recorded something before that it is linking to this tournament.



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