Freesat HD Boxes vs FreeSat Built-in


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello Everyone.

I'm thinking of getting FreeSat. However I'm not sure about getting a Hd-box and what are the best value Hd-boxes to go for OR spend more money on a tv with freesat builtin.

What are your views on this?

When i popped down to my local retailer I told him I had issues with "Freeview" losing signal at the same certain time on most evenings. The shop told me that "Freeview will get worse before it gets better.... this is down to new masts going up and not being able to run at 100% but lower because of interference from France?" :quest:

Since I have an old Sky dish from about 10 years ago, I should still be able to use that ?

thanks in advance for your feedback.


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Jun 20, 2008
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Hi. I've been hooked up to freesat 2-weeks today and I'm very pleased indeed.

Now although I don't have the greatest terrestial aerial set-up my new TV was having difficulty picking up and holding on to HD channels. I did have a seperate HD set top box which I'd hooked up with no signal problems at all but two remotes for one TV is so annoying, so rather than forking out for a complete new aerial installation I decided to get an old Sky dish connected up to utilise the freesat tuner in my TV.

I used these guys here . Phoned at 9, arrived at 11-30, job done by 12! This cost me £55 plus VAT (£66) including dish re-alignment, 20' cable run, drilling through the external wall, and testing the TV. He did say when he quoted me beforehand that if the dish needed a new LNB then it would be £129 plus VAT, whereby I said I wouldn't be interested so not giving him the chance to pull a fast one lol.

Anyway, no pixellation, dropped signals and although I wouldn't say night and day, a better picture to my eyes. Sorry I can't help with opinions on a freesat box but I've never had the need to research/buy one, but freesat itself is well worth thinking about IMO.


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