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Aug 11, 2022
I am searching on ebay to find FM Tuner.

I know when it comes to CD player what is important for sound is the DAC. What would be important for Analogue FM tuner?

What are popular models that I should search for?

I just need to casually listen to radio and this is not primarily focus to fulfil my audiophile dreams so the answer can be - just buy any as all will fall on amp/spekaers quality not tuner.

My old Creek tuner didn't stay long but that's only because it really needed a good rooftop aerial where I live and I never got around to fitting one.
It was not too bad with an indoor aerial mind you but obviously not giving it's best.
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I've previously owned tuners from:
Amstrad 😱....for about a week 😆

Pioneer - bought solely on looks 🙄

NAD 4020 - to match the original 3020 (and equally special).

Currently own Denon and Quad tuners.
Got the Quad out of storage a few months back, as the internal backup battery needs a top up at least every five years.

With an Antiference 5 element roof aerial pointing at the transmitter (about 3 miles away)....I listened to BBC Essex.
Typical (but harmless) local radio DJ type, played a variety of oldish stuff.
I found myself really enjoying the music from the old FM4, ended up listening for hours.
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