What digital lead for Marantz 6000

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Jan 19, 2024
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You're right not to be expecting any audible difference.

But where it's needed (as it was for me) the galvanic isolation that optical provides, makes the choice for you.

I've got a (22 year old) CD6000 OSE KI.
Its own DAC sounds good - but your Mojo will certainly give you a difference.
I thought I could hear the optical as superior to coaxial, but blind testing shows I can't. Analogue out (the CDs dac) sounds great, but not as big a soundstage as the Mojo.
The optical out into my Denon PMA600ne sounds amazingly detailed, not as warm as the Mojo, but not at all harsh.
The CD 6000 OSE is chalk and cheese to my old Marantz 41, a worthwhile purchase.
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