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Oct 18, 2014
Hi guys.

I'm moving my vintage Arcam Alpha system to a different room and need to buy some new cables as the speaker distances are different. I'm currently using QED Silver Anniversary XT cables.

Ideally I need to run one of the new cable runs along the skirting board and round a few tight corners.

Can any one recommend a decent cable that's flexible enough to accommodate a few tight turns?



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I'd run trunking along the top of the skirting board for an unobtrusive look .
Cornering can be very neat (and no need for such tight cable bends).
Using the stuff with self adhesive backing makes for an easier job - but still hold it with fixing screws about every foot - because walls are often uneven and the trunking will eventually come unstuck.
As for the cable, your choice. (Multistrand OFC, minimum 2.5mm cross sectional area, Van Damme or equivalent).
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i've got the AudioQuest 16/4 and i think its quite a stiff cable to route. sounds great, but i wouldn't say it is very flexible at all.
Yet they called it Flexslip and promoted its flexibilty and ability to slip through places - but you're right it doesn't suit tight bends, I never thought it was very flexible.
Better to use 2-core shotgun style than anything in a jacket.
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