Finally got what I wanted...


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Dec 30, 2007
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After years of faffing about, I've finally got a system which ticks all the boxes!

Roksan Kandy mkIII CD player

NAD C350/C270 pre-power amp, biamping a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze B2s (C270 on bass, '350 on snares and hi-hats), all wired up with QED and Ecosse.

I listen mainly to anything with a beat and a bassline, especially D&B, breaks, electro and metal. (Although generally just about anything goes!)

This system delivers everything I throw at it with an almost arrogant ease. Treble is crisp and precise, with the most perfect imaging I've ever heard. Midrange is lucid and detailed, while the bottom end is jaw-droppingly deep, solid and agile. Not to mention the almost illegal amount of power on tap...

The overall balance is, for me, absolutely spot-on, and I can now truly listen to the music rather than the hifi!

The CD and Nad amps are worth their weight in gold, but I'm most impressed with the speakers- how MA could produce such a fantastic design for such a low price is beyond comprehension, and they have probably earned my lifelong loyalty as a result!

Regards, defenders of the two-channel faith!

Dougal, Bath


Sounds like Audio Nirvana, I'm pleased for you. I'm hoping to get there before my hearing goes!!!

I'll check the speakers out when I'm out of the dog house for spending way too much on a plasma


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