I finally got good bass (mission LX-2)


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Mar 17, 2013
Q Acoustics 3020 sounds open and clear but not much bass, it sounds rather discret not deep,not punchy like a big speaker, it sort of helps make the sound open and clear, where a speaker like the Dynaudio emit m10 has a more warm,full bodied sound do to more bass and doesn't sound as open,clear as the 3020's

I was hoping the bass was better from the mision LX-2's compared to the Q Acoustics 3020 and knew it where surpose to be deeper (not by specs, 3020 64hz and 60hz for lx-2) because of reviews and what ever those few people that have heard them has written about the bass.

The top is very non intrusive, some say it's slightly recessed and not like the more top,treble focused Q Acoustics 2000/3000 and Dali zensor, which for some can be a good thing since together with the good bass can make the sound less bright,agressive,harsh (less listening fattigue) then speakers like dali zensor, can sound at high levels

The bass from the mission's is just so good, deeper,tighter,more precise, more punchy than Q Acoustics 3020 and alot better than Wharfedale Diamond 220, even at low levels with the good records,even youtube i can now hear bass, i can now hear more of lars ulrichs drums and robert trujillo's bass, not as if my speakers only had a tweeter and a midrange unit (no bass,bass limited by the bass a midrange can play)

There are still music with very little bass that almost never will sound deep,loud and punchy, even the mission LX-2's that i have won't change that

Mission also makes LX-3,LX-4 and LX-5 floorstands, even the small LX-3 must have fantastic bass in medium to large rooms from what i hear with my LX-2's

Im just so happy i finally got some above avarage good bass and metallica sounds they way they should and not almost like thin sounding small active pc speakers like the once from logitech,creative or cheap small active studio monitors


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Jan 18, 2008
Nice you found an affordable speaker you like.

So many can't have been wrong over the last 40 years.

Loads have started out with Mission and then moved up the ladder.

Bet some wished they'd stayed there.

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
Speakers at the budget end tend to be good at lower volumes or at higher volumes - their overall quality of parts not being at the sort of level where a speaker can handle all volumes well.

As an example, the Q Acoustics tend to be quite neutral, which at very low volumes can sound a little bland, but they sound nicely balanced and don't tear your head off when you turn them up high. An alternative like the Dali Zensors are a more exciting speaker to listen to in comparison, so at lower levels can sound far more interesting, but turn them up and that energetic treble can be a bit much (this is where system matching and room Acoustics play their part).

Likewise, a speaker that had good bass presence at lower/average volumes can be too boomy when turned up high, but a speaker with nicely balanced bass at higher levels can sound bass light when played at low volumes.

It's not until you get to a certain level of quality with audio systems that they're able to sound good at all levels (within their limits, of course).


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Mar 17, 2013
You can either have high spl/sensitivity where bass isn't that deep like active pa speaker those with 8" woofer,plastic cabinet, cheap but very powerfull or lower sensitivity and more deep punchy bass

The missions are the last thing, it¨'s hard to make small speaker that have both deep bass and high sensitivity so it's rear to se budget speakers in that category that also sounds good

Often speaker are bright and thin sounding or slightly dark sound with a bass that lacks, like the Wharfedale Diamond 220, speaking of the wharfedale, they also have dark sound (but lack bass) and are also part of the misson iag group/concern together with Quad,luxman,castlke,fkco and audiolab

One of the few i guess is the Wharfedale diamond 225 (have only heard the 220), Elac B5 and B6 and Mission LX-2

But i like the mission alot more than whardale diamond, back to basics, no advanced bass port, no double binding post and crossover for the double binding post so you can biwire or bi amp them, Mission LX-3 back to basic, a big strong cabinet with a traditional bassport and single binding and quality unit's,skipping what doesn't make a real noticeable difference in sound quality, just make a gerat nutral sounding speaker with mabye class leading bass

The sensitivity may not be that high and you need a slightly bigger amp compared to Q Acoustics 2020i and 3020, rated at 100watt most small to medium sized bookshelf speakers are loud enough, when i give them all my amp has at 12 o'clock (with attenuators -10db) it doesn't change charateristics in the same way many speaker does, that get's more intrusive,agressive at high spl, indicating there are fare from there limited when i play medium loud and still have alot of power left,just nice when the top doesn't change when i play medium loud and good bass at low levels


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