Exporting music from ITunes to Windows Media Player - help please.


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Sep 23, 2008
I am looking for some advice here.

I recently changed my car and the stereo has a facility to replay music from an SD card. I have conducted a few trials with this and found that the only supported format seems to be MP3 - despite the manual saying that WMA should be fine - however in the meantime I am happy to continue with MP3.

I wish to transfer approx 500 CDs to MP3 and store the resultant files on various SD cards for playback in the car. I can do this by ripping the original CDs in Windows Media Player but this involves retrieving all the CDs, reloading the disc into the computer, ripping them and then refiling the CDS - which is a bit of a pain. If it was only a few dozen I wanted to transfer then this would not be a problem.

I know that in iTunes I can make an MP3 copy of all the required entries and then transfer these to the SD card, but the problem I have with this is that I cannot 'move' these to the SD card - I can only 'copy' them which means of couse that I am left with unwanted MP3 copies of all the tracks in the iTunes library. Is there any way to sync the ITunes MP3's with Windows Media Player which will move the MP3 files and not leave a copy in Itunes. Or is there another mechanism to achieve my desired result ?

Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks, Brian.


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May 16, 2008
It's not clear to me whether you have already ripped your 500 CDs and in which format. But if you have, you can use software like Max to convert your files.


iTunes will work as well. Just select the tracks you want to have a converted copy of. Then they appear in your iTunes library folder as a mp3 copy. Just drag and drop the files from the folder to your SD card.


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