Experts – Vote for me….


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Aug 10, 2019
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Attention all, I need your advice. I have been on these forums for ages trawling through every post in every topic and still can’t make up my mind.

I am stuck between two options, which is quite good considering I was up at about ten a couple of times!

My equipment thus far is as follows, Panasonic 37’’ Full HD LCD panel, PS3, and Sky+ (sometimes the Wii but not essential for this purpose).

I am looking to get a decent sound system to give me maximum benefit for this set-up. As I don’t want a full 5.1 system at present, due to room size and the wires involved. The following are the two options I am stuck on:

Option 1 – Onkyo LS-V501

Option 2 – Onkyo SR505e plus speakers, probably Q Acoustics 1010i but only the two bookshelf speakers and a subwoofer with maybe a centre eventually.

I need all the components to be heard through the system. I think this can be done with both options.

Please give your advice, if you don’t (read can’t be bothered) just give me an answer, Option 1 or Option 2. I just want the one that will provide the best sound and flexibility in case I ever upgrade.