Experience of switching from separates to active eg ADM9T

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Apr 9, 2008
audiokid said:
Just thought to add a quick update and living with Naim, Harbeth alongside the ADM9T (And also Cyrus for a few days!)

Cyrus, I won't mention here, it's on the other thread.

However, I have had the ADM9T hooked up in another room for a while, connected to an iMac. They sound good on the desktop. Whilst I had eveything uprooted from my home demos, I tried the ADM9T once again as my main system.

Whilst the ADM9T are a fantastic product the initial excitement has worn off and, in my opinion, they don't sound anywhere near as good as the Naim and Harbeth (or Cyrus and Harbeth.) Whilst the 9T have some excellent separation and definition, they don't posses the same high quality reproduction of the other systems. Bass is lighter, upper frequencies sound muffled and instruments/vocals are placed higher in the range, thus sounding less realistic.

BUT, they are only £1200, and probably the best £1200 I have ever spent on hifi. They are staying on my desktop for the forseeable, where they will do a fantastic job. Now I just wish they were a little smaller!

Thanks for the update. It helps to hear how you find a product after you've had some time to get used to the sound, since iimpressions don't always last.