Epos M5 at Superfi


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Aug 10, 2019
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Superfi are clearing out the last of the old M5 model, before the new M5i (I think?) comes in. Currently going for £250, which is down from the original £350. I was in there the other day to enquire as to the price of the newer model, and that'll be selling for £425, which makes the M5 look like even more of a bargain. I have these hooked up to a Marantz PM6002, plus the rest of the kit in my profile, and they sound really, really good now that they're run in. Certainly not a neutral sound, but very exciting. Fit and finish would be okay for a £350 speaker, but given that they only cost me £250, I'd say very good too. Thumbs up all round. These are a bargain.


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