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Question Dual HDMI out 4K graphics card query

Mar 1, 2016
Hi Folks. I'm just trying to confirm if a card I'm thinking of purchasing will do what I need.
My Denon AVR-X4000 would not pass through the 4K signal from my Xbox One X, so I've moved the X1X to other room, which has Avr-X2400h and all is tickety boo.
I use a pc for movie watching in main room, where X4000 is. Unfortunately the pc is not capable of running 4K video smoothly.
So, after a bit of research, I'm considering the Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC low profile graphics card.
Can anyone confirm that it can pass just lossless audio from a movie track out one HDMI port, whilst passing the 4K video stream to my TV through the other HDMI port?

I have bought a few cheap HDMI splitter but, because the X4000 couldn't accept 4:4:4, the video signal from X1X to TV got downgraded to 1080p:(:mad:
At least I think that was the issue, after much fault finding.
I'd love to be sure that the graphics card will not have the same issue, reducing all video in the chain to the lowest resolution it sees.


Staff member
Aug 26, 2019
Hey there,

Are you hooking the computer directly to the television (I suspect this is the case) or do you have an audio receiver as well? I think it should be possible to do the video out through HDMI and use Optical out for audio only, but that may require the receiver.

Hopefully someone with a little more direct expertise will be able to hook you up with more info. Thanks for the great question!



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