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Jul 24, 2007
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Hey everyone

I am looking into the idea of selling my Naim & B&W setup and going to a paif of active monitors into either a pc or streamer as I fear the cd is close to death.

I know Igglebert loves the Avi ADM9T monitors so would like to hear from him. Would these AVI's connected to a pc provide better sound quality than my "entry" Naims. I not read a bad review on them.

I am open to suggestions. I been doing alot of research and it seems that active speakers are amazing value for money and can compete with passive speakers 5x the price.

Also where is the best place to sell Naim Kit.?


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The research is only part of the story. In the end you need to go and actively compare the active options with your Naim kit to find out what suits you the best. Active set-ups can offer a superb solution but so can a well matched passive system and ultimately it comes down to what suits your needs and ears the best.

One piece of advice I would give is not to let the 'death of CD' be too large a factor in your decision making, particularly if you already have a large collection. It may well be that keeping your Naim CD and amp and adding a really good DAC, might still be the way forward. It would certainly give you the best of both worlds. Alternatively, Naim's Uniti systems are excellent and would be well worth a listen in my opinion.

Just to add, off the back of your title - both CD and streaming are digital formats. The CD is simply a storage medium for digital data. Also, I don't think CD is dead yet and, if the end is nigh, there are going to be plenty of opportunities to pick up some bargain discs as record companies sell off their stocks.


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