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I reckon an over-emphasis on one part of the frequency range could lead to a 'too much detail' verdict....because you'd be hearing too much of one part of the music.

But when well recorded music is played on a well balanced system - with nothing from top to bottom can there be too much detail?

I like to be able to follow any single instrument, listen as a whole to the music or, preferably, do both at the same time. That's when the enjoyment is at maximum.

A nice high triangle, mid bongos, tight bassline simultaneously......bring on the detail.


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Nov 16, 2021
Depends really on what you’re listening to. If the music you listen too tends to be badly recorded then that can lead to quite a lot of fatigue. So yes to much detail can be a problem and could take away from the enjoyment of your chosen music.

People tend to associate detail with brightness/harshness.
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