Denon S81-DAB mixed reviews?


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Aug 10, 2019
i was temped to buy this little system for the bedroom but i see you only gave it 2/5 which is strange because i cant find another bad review anywhere! infact all the other reviews all really impressive even at the rather expensive price of 500, its now come down to 300 so was there anything that they missed ?


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
A lot of products can impress when you listen to them in isolation - however, comparatively test them with a range of rivals and you'll get a far better idea of their capabilities. That's why we team-test kit in dedicated facilities, with a wealth of class-leading products in our adjacent stockroom.

It's one of the main reasons our reviews can differ from the generally more favourable ratings from other sources, plus our insistence on rating products on a performance-per-pound basis.

If the Denon had been £300 when tested, it probably would have got a higher star-rating, but without re-testing it against the strong competition at that price-point (Onkyo, TEAC) I wouldn't want to second-guess what. Still think there'd be issues, however - we don't give two stars lightly!


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