Denon AVR1312 + 4 Identical Elac B5.2 no surround sounds or Multi channel stereo, help!


Aug 11, 2021
Hello, i desperately need help in setting up my AVR to get multi ch stereo, my current setup is

Nvidia GTX 1050ti HDMI to Monitor
GPU DisplayPort to AVR HDMI input (using passive DP to HDMI converted cable)
2 Elac B5.2 as Front L/R
2 Elac B5.2 as Surround L/R
1 denon subwoofer

All of the speakers are plugged correctly, but i just cant seem to find any way to get all 4 speakers as stereo, ive tried everything i could think of both on windows audio settings AVR's settings. When i do Tone test on the avr, every speakers produce sound, but still only the fronts work.

ive tried setting windows audio output to 5.1 and everything else, still the avr does not use the surrounds, eventhough the AVR OSD says Multi CH in. Before anyone suggesting changing the surround mode on my AVR, theres no button for that since the remote is RC-1169, also somehow my AVR's setup wizard is different with every manuals i can find online, im guessing that in my country Indonesia, some of the features is removed.
but nonetheless yesterday i could get Multi CH Stereo working without changing anything on windows, just plugged 2 speakers on surround, then turn it from None to Small in speaker configurations, and it automatically works. But due to some reasons if i set the Fronts and Surrounds to Small, cracking sound appears, but if i set fronts to Large the cracking sound disappears. As suggested from another forum thread, i did factory reset my AVR, now i cant get the surrounds to work anymore. ive also reinstalled the windows 10 still nothing changed

its so disappointing since i bought the extra Elac b5.2s just to enjoy all ch stereo, now it doesnt work at all so its so wasteful. Please, any help given is much appreciated


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