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Dedicated Hi-Res Audio Players - break from the norm

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Sep 11, 2020
I'm looking for some views on choices of dedicated Hi-Res Audio players. I use my iphone out of sheer convenience like most people do.

I bought an AK Kann a while back which I thought was going to be the answer to having a dedicated player but I'm just constantly underwhelmed by it. Its big, clunky and supports a really dated version of Tidal. Its also useless with wireless headphones. It's great when run through a headphone amp but on its own it just feels and sounds underwhelming, even more so with hi end headphones.

Headphones I am using: Audeze LCD i3 IEMS, HiFiMan HE 400i, Sony WF-1000XM3.

I intend to pair whatever I end up with to a chord mojo.

I need something up to date, portable and versatile capable of running the latest version of tidal. I think I'm done with AK - I've had an AK Jr and a Kann and neither has excited me.

Anyone have experience with the likes of Cowon, Fiio, Sony or the more exotic stuff like Lotoo, Shanling or even the HiFiMan range??

Price wise, probably up to £500.
I have tried the Fiio M11 and found it not that good sounding, not capable even after having downloaded it to use various streaming apps amongst them apple music and unable to take advantage of the dap capabilities. I changed to a Sony NW ZX507 and I found it quite enjoyable to listen to, having no problem at all with streaming apps the like then apple music,qobuz, tidal, amazon music hd. I will stick to it until something much better is released.

Ps the match wh1000 M3/4 with ldac is something to experience.



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