damaged speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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Please help!!

Having moved out of my parents three years ago, I left my mordaunt short ms814's in their hands until i could find space for them. I don't know what they did but we thought the amplifier (pioneer A-07) had become faulty, as it was old they decided to replace it. But the same problem is still evident with the new marantz amp. the speakers sound like a record player if you get close to the needle. i.e no bass or mid frequencies and low volume high frequencies. This has happened to both speakers and there seems to be no damage to the cones, which move freely with no scratching. I have taken the binding post enclosure off to reveal two capacitors and what seems like a large wound inductor. all components seem visually fine.

anybody any ideas.


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Jul 20, 2007
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At the risk of asking a stupid question, is everything wired up correctly?

Can't imagine why both speakers would blow the bass units simultaneously, therefore the simplest conclusion is that the mid/bass units aren't connected and you are only wired into the tweeters,it reminds me of what my speakers sound like if the power amp driving the mid/bass cone doesn't kick out of standby as quickly as the one driving the treble.


thanks for the response.

i have the speakers bi-wired. i have tried different speaker wire, 3 different amps, all with the same out come.
i might try and find the gold connectors which go across the binding posts and try again.


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