Dali Ikon 6 5.1 Speaker Package


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, I am looking to buy the above speaker package, and am just wondering if anyone out there can recommend where to buy them from?

I have been hunting around and have not found much variation in price, so far.

Thanks in advance.


I paid a little under £2000 for my Dali Ikon 6 5.1 from The Listening Rooms in central London. Old Brompton Road to be precise. But I should point out that I only got the discount by bargaining a bit and by agreeing to pick them up in my car so they weren't really having to do very much to make the sale.

Very happy with them indeed!

Dali's website has a list of dealers, I rang round a few and got some prices and then negotiated a little. Chap at the Listening Rooms is a good man, by the name of Paul.

Best of luck. Let me know how you get on.

Out of curiosity what kit will you be partnering the Dalis with?


Cheers for your response Will. If i'm honest, I was kind of hoping you would see this post as I remember reading a reply to another forum article from yourself saying how cheap you had got the Dali's for.

I live quite away from London so I dont know how strong my negotiating powers would be, but another avenue i'm exploring is at this site here - http://www.creative-audio.co.uk/HCS_ONK875_DALIIKON6.htm

The shop isnt that far away from me and they seem to be offering a good deal with cables thrown into the price.

In answer to you enquiry, i'm looking to hook the speakers up the the ONKYO TX-SR875, and my PS3 will be my source of HD material. My TV is the SAMSUNG LE52M86BD.

I have a couple of AV shows to visit, one in Manchester on 13th October and, of course, the What Hi-Fi show in London in November, before I make my purchase. I havnt read a bad thing about either peice of kit, so I cant wait!!, but i'm trying to do the sensible thing and hear a good range of equipment that is currently available before I part with my hard earnt moolah!

The wait is almost unbearable!!


Very interesting deal there.

But beware.

You would be buying way way more speaker cable than you are likely to need. This means you spending money you don't need to spend and you're adding too many meters to you run lengths. This will not do the sound any good.

Check what you actually need in terms of run lengths and request shorter runs and an appropriate amount off the deal price.

Now, for the onkyo £1000 is probably what you'll have to pay, but the Dali set should come in around £1950 plus delivery if you have to choose it. the setup fitted easily into my small estate car in one go.

Cables, you can probably do better negotiating this seperately. But see what Creative will do. You'll need two HDMIs one from your playstation 3 to the Onkyo and one on from the Onkyo to screen. By all accounts you shouldn't use the PS3 HDMI cable but upgrade it. You don't need a coaxial cable or a stereo analogue cable. So you can save the money from those.

You can run the 875 bi-amping the front pair, so if you don't go for a 7.1 set-up, don't get speaker cable for the front pair, 2 sockets to 4 sockets, that's bi-wiring, get 4 to 4 which will allow bi-amping.

Post again if any of that doesn't make sense.

I think you need to put a spreadsheet of your cable needs together. It gets complex and you need to be sure you've ordered exactly the right stuff!


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