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Question DAC between TV and amp not recognized


Sep 23, 2020
Hello everyone!

Iam having difficulty setting up my speaker system to work with my smart TV(Q70R 2019).

I was told the best solution to getting sound to my speaker system was via HDMI arc through a DAC and then RCA connection to the amp.

This was the advice from a hifi store and they made it seem like it would "just work". Afcourse it didn't..

I bought the cheapest DAC, as I was under the impression it really didn't matter too much, and plugged everything in correctly. It does also recognize the hdmi input it just says that it is "unknown". If I try to apply it directly it will try and use it as a video input. Iam unable to see anywhere to tell that this is a speaker system that it should output sound to.

I afcourse tried some troubleshooting like turning everything off and unplugging but it's hard to get good results on Google.

Maybe someone here could have a fix for the current equipment or alternatively simply offer a different solution that will work!

Best regard



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