Cyrus System - Speaker Query


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Aug 10, 2019
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Sorry for yet another Cyrus / speaker thread, however....

I'm about to purchase a Cyrus CD8x / 8vs2 system and plan at some point in the future to add PSXRs to each unit.

I have auditioned the system with Monitor Audio's BR5 and RS6 floorstanders. I found the RS6 to be a little disappointing but the BR5 set up was most entertaining.

My question is threefold:
[*] Has anyone tried out the Monitor Audio BR6 floorstander and would that be a better bet ? [*] Am I selling my system short with the BR5s? [*] If so, can anyone recommend a floorstander that would live up to this system? I'm prepared to spend up to £800/900. I like the sound of the Dali Ikon 6 or what about the new B&W 683 floorstanders ?



Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Sorry to send you on a spend-more-money spiral, but that Cyrus pairing is capable of far more than you'll hear via the BR5s - they're excellent, but better-suited to more modest electronics.

The Dali Ikon 6s should certainly be on your audition list. I'd also add the Spendor S5e floorstanders (£1195) - Spendor speakers typically make a good sonic match for Cyrus - and the Epos M22s (£949).

We haven't heard the Monitor Audio BR6s, so can't comment on their suitability, I'm afraid.