Turntable (and Setup) Question

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Jan 12, 2012
Not that many but enough to keep me busy I have about 5 albums that were Christmas presents before Covid stepped in. To be honest of late I have been listening to headphones through the Zen Dac v2 and iTunes I have loads of cd's basically all the albums that I have ever had and liked on Vinyl but it was you who said it was worth fixing up my TD 147 and thats how as you know bought the latest one. Thanks for the encouragement


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Mar 23, 2021
BOSE is the acronym for "Buy Other Sound Equipment".

We have a mix of Yamaha, Sonos and Apple equipment. It works very nice with the Apple Airplay protocol. But this is only an option if you have Apple stuff too.

I can recommend Yamaha Musiccast and I suppose their Musiccast turntable is pretty decent.
i would go for a second hand turntable but a good one ,i have a tachnics from 76 ,direct drive one ,that it sounds great was my second turntable and had the technics SL-1000mkII,thesp-10 but already assembled,much higher quality than the sl-1200 dj turntable and when buying a set of thorens for a group of friends multi-function space i was amazed with the thorens turntables we bought and also bought one this in mid 80´s or close ,just don´t remenber the reference but had a 1969 thorens professional that today is still working and didn´t find better, if in doubt buy a thorens or teac or magnat ,same as the teac basically and wireless ,i think a wi-fi system is better if you really need it wireless .this because i think it will lost it total quality ,with bluetooth even worse


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