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Dean Morris

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Sep 12, 2010
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Can anyone tell me the best space saving way of connecting speaker wire to the back of the unit?

I have limited space on my 42cm depth unit. Will this be enough for power and speaker cable to get plugged into?

I'm not sure it will as the depth of the Cyrus is 39cm? That won't give enough space?

Unless the dials add some depth so the feet can remain on the unit?

If anyone has one these units would you measure up from the feet to the end to see if it would fit?
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I’m not an owner, but maybe I can help? The feet on most kit is somewhat ‘inboard’ of the box itself, though obviously this varies.

A close look at this page, and the various downloads suggests that:-

1. You can connect speaker wire with twisted ends or spades, rather than banana plugs which take up more space
2. The front knobs and facia can stick forward of any shelf by a small amount because the feet aren’t on the very edge.

Can you not find a dealer to check for yourself?

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