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Jul 23, 2008
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Hi guys,

Looking at possibly investing in a decent pair of custom IEM's for use on the go. Does anybody on here have any recommendations of where to look or who to look at?

How easy is it to get the earpieces moulded to your ears and assuming these are quite expensive are they worth the money?

Any advice would be really appreciated.



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Dec 13, 2010
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The moulding process is fairly straightforward. Most major towns/city's in the UK have an Audiologist (typically a hearing aid store) that can make mould's of your ears. These moulds are then sent to the manufacturer of your choice so they can be used to construct your customs.

The result all depends on how much your willing to spend as Ultimate Ears, for example, have models ranging from about £400 up to £1200. The cheapest I've seen are the £250 ACS T3.

There is a cheaper alternative though - it is possible to get custom moulds that will fit a selection of standard in-ears. These are available from ACS for £90, there is a list of compatible 'phones on their site.

Are they worth the money? I can't answer that as I havent got that kind of cash to splash about. Would I if I did? Hell yes. If these are good enough for Pro's to use on stage then they are certainly good enough for us!

I've fancied getting some moulds done for my Sennheiser IE8's as £90 is far more paletable than £250+ and I have read several posts on other forums that all say the boost in performance is worth it.


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