Considering upgrading my marantz mc-r 503

Woolly Wally

Nov 6, 2021
So as far as i can tell, but I am no expert, the little Marantz 503 is a excellent amplifier. I got a the Dali opticon 5 speakers with that ribbon tweeter that gives a very clear treble. It is especially good for acoustic music, jazz and womens voices. However, i listen to a lot of 70s progressive rock, and i think the amplifier might lack a bit of character, I had an old lector VFI 70 transitor-tube hybrid amplifier before, and it had quite a bit more character that was especially noticable on older music. However it lacked in the high end and could not make the ribbon tweeter sing with that crisp clearness as the marantz 503, so I kept the marantz, but it was a trade off. The Lector was indeed more enjoyable to listen to especially at older music.

So, again I am looking for something rather cheap, used. I got the 503 used for 120$ and its hard to beat it at that price i reckon. I got a seperate high-end 32bit DSD DAC, so an older amplifier without DAC is fine, any tips what I should be looking for?

Again, i like that crisp clearness that the 503 and the Opticons ribbon tweeter gives me, but it lacks in character I think, the mid-range is sort of "odorless".


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