Connecting a Yamaha receiver to PC speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
I currently use a Creative Inspire Digital 5700 connected to a Sony blu ray player in the bedroom. Its got a center, 4 satellites and a sub. I have been pretty happy with the sound from this system but it has limited connectivity since it is fundamentally a PC sound system. Now I am about to get an Onkyo 609 receiver for the TV lounge which means the currently used Yamaha RXV 663 can be transferred to the bedroom. Is it possible to connect the Yamaha to the speakers of the Creative system? I am not sure of the ratings on the Creative speakers in terms of ohms although I do believe it's possible to change this setting on the Yamaha. Much appreciate any feed back I can get & thanks in advance to all those who post a reply. Cheers!


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Oct 29, 2008

I just did a quick search on the Creative website and can't find any details specific to your speaker system. However, it does look as though you may have to rewire everything with 'proper' cables, or at least take off the plugs, to connect to the Yamaha receiver. It'll probably work up to a point, but is it really worth it? The results may be a little under-whelming. And if it all goes wrong, you may end up damaging the receiver, too.

My instinct would be to look around for a reasonably-priced set of speakers (do you want 5.1?) more easily connected to the Yamaha. Perhaps something like the Yamaha NSP285 - available for £100 - would be good?