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Classic Question DM 37 or CS 525 with Tannoy F1


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Hello Everyone, I know it is a classic question but I am hesitating between the Denon DM37 or the Onkyo CS525/CS725. The denon is a little bit more expesive but do you think that it is worth the difference...

The review over the web makes it difficult to make my mind.. A little help would be fantastic.

thanks a lot,


Hi verhoeven, i am not sure if we are talking about the same system here, but I recently purchased the Onkyo CR 725DAB. Cost me 200 without speakers, I then managed to get myself a pair of virtually brand new 9L2 Quad speakers, I am using these as a second system connected to my iTunes on my PC, and I have to say I was well pleased with the results. I think everyone knows the Denon is well liked I just thought I would try something else the Onkyo does a great job I don't know much about your Tannoys but I absolutely love the Quads It works well for what I am using it for if it was for anything more I am not sure how well it would do.

Good luck with what ever you choose




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