Question Hegel H190 with Kef R7 vs R3 + amp(s)


Jul 1, 2022

I thought I'd tap the wisdom of the collective hive mind, as I'll soon be buying my first hifi setup for a house we're building.

The question is which setup would you recommend, for my circumstances (see below)
1. Hegel H190 + Kef R7s
2. Hegel H190 + Kef R3s + sub (either Kef KC62 or KF92)

- I have access to fantastic deals on Hegel amps and Kef speakers, so I'll be going with these brands, and around this price bracket
- I'd prefer wired system to wireless. We've got Denon Heos speakers now and although we love the hardware (in a much smaller house), the software sucks and it's put us off wireless systems
- Amp & speakers will be used for 90% music, 10% TV/movies, because we'll have a separate dedicated media room for home theatre (where I'm running an Onkyo TX-NR656 receiver powering yet more Kef speakers)
- Input source is primarily streaming via Spotify/SoundCloud, plus the odd CD
- Music I'm into is mainly house & other electronic, progressive rock and metal. I'm not into hugely bassy stuff like hip hop and dubstep (ew) - I'd prefer tighter more focussed bass over loud drony stuff
- Living room is an open plan L-shape, roughly 50m^2. Blue lines (see diagram) represent sliding doors opening out onto deck (another 50m^2)
- Speakers would usually sit where the red dots are marked, except when we're having house parties and they'd be by the green dots next to the DJ setup
- I could buy separate outdoor speakers for the deck, but I feel like if we're out on the deck with doors open either of the setups above would be grunty enough to sound good outside...

Does anyone have either of these amp/speaker combinations, or any advice?

Thanks in advance!

hifi setup resized.png


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Feb 11, 2021
R3's have limited max loudness, dictated by driver and cabinet size. Not sure I would choose those for a 'DJ setup and sounding grunty outside/parties' unless you love the sound of bass drivers hitting their stops ... . - I'd also argue that 150/w channel could be borderline for applications such as these.

The larger R's would likely be more suitable if you like to party.

Hegel amplifiers are superb. Long time user but as I don't DJ the above advise doesn't apply to me :)


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