Chromecast with Google TV: genuine review?


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May 7, 2021
Sorry if this has been already posted.......

My 1st gen Chromecast gave up and wanted a replacement as I have a Panny and it doesn't support NowTV etc for the footie. Was interested in the new Chromecast + Google TV as I could have everything in one place, and potentially replace the Panny userface. However, after buying the new Chromecast I was most disappointed to find that it's not fit for purpose in Europe!! It cannot steam video at the correct refresh rate! Anything other than 60hz stutters and drops frames! Yes, it's capable of each refresh rate independently, but it can't match the content refresh rate automatically. So basically, it's useless unless I want to cast an app that my Panny doesn't support. The Panny app of Netflix for example works flawlessly, on CC it drops frames.

After 5 seconds on Google I found out that everyone has the same issue!!

What Hi Fi gave it 5 stars with zero mention of this deal breaker. I noticed the issue straight away, how was it missed by the UK reviewer?! Did they actually spend any time with the device? This isn't a debate, pop on the The Verge for example.

This is only a software issue and popular sites/magazines like this have a responsibility let the consumer know the truth and make Google speed up the inevitable software update.
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