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Aug 10, 2019
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I am searching for a child proof AV cabinet to hold the following:

Samsung 46" 8000 series LED TV

Pioneer VSK521 Receiver

Blu Ray Player

Xbox 360 Slim

Sky Box HD

I have a 2.5 year old Boy and a 8 month girl who has just started crawling and consistantly heads for my system and xbox. Currently have a 2 shelf glass stand where toys get lost underneath as there is a large gap between the floor and my boy likes to throw things behind the tv and copy what my daughter does and the fact it gets filthy.

Preferably i would need a unit that is not too wide, needs to sit in corner of the room in an alcove so more narrow is better with some height maybe. Would need a good solid door like a sliding or has some form of a lock mechanism. An open back or ports for cables (cable management). Being flush with the floor or very low is ideal, we have a solid wooden floor. Storage for blurays/dvds/cd's would be nice but not a must. No gloss and definately not a glass stand.

Have found the Gecko Reflect REF1100 but at £250 it's far more than what i would like to spend, my budget would be around £150 max.


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Oct 13, 2008
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Good luck. I wanted something that would allow the centre speaker to be installed without a door in front, and for side sections for amp, BD player, freesat, CD player etc with glass doors. There was nothing in the market (I searched for 6 months). Ended up having one made bespoke in India - then the company went under, then had a second one made - it took 9 months to deliver. A complete nightmare - and was very expensive. It now looks ace tho!.

Simple advice - if you've found something that fits the bill, just go for it!


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If you need something cheap - you might want to consider something from Ikea and fit either fit child locks to the door, or just drill a hole in each door and fit a circular lock (for about £5-10 extra - tops).

Something from the besta range might suit?


We have the Besta cabinet with sliding front doors on additional side shelving units- exactly like the ikea display model in my local ikea!

This is the cabinet- the IR remotes even work through the frosted glass in the drawers!

We have just bought a new 46" TV so we have to move this bohemoth into a different room and wall mount the new tv- we are replacing it with another floor-based besta combination to hide the various boxes.

Similar to the bottom units here: but with glass doors.

I would look at the tobo while you're in ikea- It might be difficult to childproof the drawers. The drawers were the main reason we stayed away from that item- they weren't at all sturdy and felt really quite argos in build quality.

basically look around when you are in Ikea. You can combine much (if not all) of the besta range into a single monster unit quite nicely. Make sure you have an electric screwdriver handy!


There are however, a few general tv stand buying tips that may help you in your kitchen cabinet research.


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