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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all, I recently bought a Denon AVR4306 and Velodyne CHT-12R sub. I'm currently using them with the front speakers and 3 disc CD player (connected using the optical digital) from a Denon UDCM7 mini system - a Mordaunt Short CS1 for centre and a pair of Grundig sattelites that came with the Lenaro 96cm TV. First on the agenda are the front 3 speakers which will soon be replaced by Monitor Audio RS6 and RSLC. I'd then like to upgrade the CD player - For now I'm pretty happy with the DVD player integrated with the tv which provides a great picture and coaxial digital out to the amp. The quandry I have is whether to buy a top of the line DVD player like Denon's DVD3910 to take advantage of the Denon Link or whether to put my money into a dedicated CD player like the Cyrus CD6s or CD8X. Any suggestions? Also, how much stock do you think is worth putting in SACD playback?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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If you're happy with the DVD player in your TV, I'd go for a dedicated CD player. The CD6 would be more than good enough for this system.

SACD? If you're into classical music, it's worth considering - there are two-channel players from the likes of Marantz, Denon and Sony which would make a good SACD-equipped alternative to the Cyrus.


Thanks Andrew, thats more or less where I was headed - particularly given that with the new HD formats on the way, investing in a good DVD player seems a short play.

I do listen to a bit of everything though not much classical. Which Marantz/Denon/Sony players were you referring to and what connections do you generally have with SACD? It was Denon Link which was pulling me in the Denon DVD player direction.


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