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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm thinking about making a sidestep from th xpression III to an rpm 5. But then I have no cartridge!

Any cartridges worth buying in the $80 CAD neighbourhood, (about 40 quid)?????????


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WHY. you have a cart. that retails at $80 US on the current set up (ok purchasable for 40 USD) and then there is no dust cover. i would be looking to possibly just upgrade your current cart?


Well I've got to send the 2M back with the xpression (my hifi shop is giving me virtually full return, they like me because I brought in a friend and he bought a plasma on the spot the other day). And I just really feel now that I'd prefer the more balanced RPM 5. Plus it looks cool.
I take the dust cover off whenever I play the xpression, it adds a faint, boxy kind of dimension when I leave it on.

PS, the RPM 5 doesn't come with a cartridge in North America, I'd have to get the rpm 5 comfort and I don't think the extra 200 is worth it.


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