Cambridge Azure 540A Balance problems

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Mar 29, 2008
This is all news to me and surprising. I owned a Cambridge A500 amp for a couple of years and never noticed this problem. Surely it's not with all their budget amps?


I found the 'problem' quite annoying. I'm in a terraced house so often play my music at a low level for the sake of the neighbours ears. Every time I listened I was getting more and more fustrated.

General pisstaking from friends that thier £29.99 system was twice as good as mine as it had stereo sound didn't help matters at all!!

Anyway, complaint was sent direct to Julian Richer. Was dealt with VERY efficently. the Head office customer service was brilliant as was it in the York brance of Richer Sounds

A Marants PM6002 now graces my living room and it sounds great. With the vouchers and the refund of travel ecpences I also managed to get a pair of cans too.

Ok, ok, I DID go for the grados in the end! I just turn all the lights off so nobody can see me wearing the bloody things!! And yes, they DO sound fantastic!!
[quote user="Gerrardasnails"]He's already told me he's not a fan! I cried for days!![/quote]

My aim is not to patronize or rub someone up the wrong way. The point I made was that if there is a problem and it appears there is [this topic started back in Jan] then I think someone somewhere needs to start asking questions as to why this has happened, regardless of the reasons. I know Gerrard is happy with his amp - brilliant! but if he had purchased his component and it suffered the same problem I'm sure he would'nt be happy?


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