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Oct 18, 2008
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Hi all,

My kit is currently fed off its own MCCB (32a) with one double switchless socket (radial).

I am having some electrical work carried out in the house and I have decided to seperate the feed from the Main consumer unit and install a second consumer unit (2 way) for my audio.

The main feed will be split via a Henley block so the Audio Consumer unit is completely seperate to the main unit.

The question is......I have read about installing an additional earth from the master socket of the radial (I only have one anyway) using 6mm earth wire and an extra earth rod, this is in addition to the earth connection through the consumer unit. Will this induce earth loops? Or will it become an "easy" drain for all other household items thus negating the effect?


It can be useful to do that to get rid of electrical noise from other appliances in your house.

Re the separate earth - it rather depends upon the electrical cable you have entering the house - is it earthed at the substation, the house etc? Talk to the fitter who SHOULD know a) what earth system you have and b) what is safe to use to 'beef it up'.

BTW earth loops are not caused by mains earths, but by connecting the earths of hi-fi components together than have more than one source of earth (i.e. come from more than one socket). Try to use a 'star' grounding system, and use optical for digital connections to break the continuity where possible.


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