Cables to finish my system


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi, I would appreciate advice on cables to match my current setup of Naim CD5X, NAC122X, NAP150X and Neat Motive 3 speakers. I am currently using Naims own NACA5 cables but feel that there may be something better out there to try. I have also tried Chord Odyssey but found the result way too bright. Any ideas/experience on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 28, 2007
Hi Brew
Your system totally rocks my friend. Naims and Neats work together like a beans and toast! I bet you get a neck pain from head banging!
Back to your question, people always say spend 10% of your system cost on the wire but personally I don't like spend too much on the cables. I know for the fact that Bob Neat is using Naim's cheapish copper speakers cables with his referrence system and it sounded amazing. I would try TCI Cobra for interconnect which give a good balance and wide soundstage. Another one that worth a look is Black Rhodium Illusion which is warm and details although they look like a left over chowmein!
You should stay away from the bright cables like nordost or certain Chords products as the Neat tweeters can sound slightly forward.
By the way, if you think Neat motive are great try the Ultimatum neck is hurting!!!


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