Cable interconnects - help please!


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Jan 8, 2015
Hi knowledgable folks out there... Some help please :)

I have Arcam Alpha 9 separates to B&W speakers on Auralex Mopads, old kit, but my baby and I love it!!

I am looking to squeeze every last ounce of beautiful sound out of it as possible and wondering if I can make an improvement by the interconnects. Currently its connected together by Kenable 'Pure' OFC phono interconnects which were pretty cheap and am wondering if I upgrade these would it make a great deal of discernable difference to the sound?

Considering QED Performance Phono connects at £22 each - would this make much of an improvement? Would i notice the difference or would this be money down the pan? Any advice on affordable (I am on a budget) interconnect recommendations would be very much appreciated...

Thanks in advance everyone :)


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Aug 21, 2009
FWIW. My recommendation would be for Linn Black I/C and Linn K20 S/C off eBay.

The effect that cables have causes endless arguments on here.


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Jan 18, 2008
Your interconnects look like a typical generic, cheap but decent cable, sold under different names.

Many will tell you it wont make any difference, no matter how much you spend. Some, me included, say yes, choosing the right cable will make a small audible difference.

How will you know who is correct? - Only by trying.

My recommendation for a well made, affordable and cleverly constructed interconnect is always the Profigold Oxypure.

I leave the rest (including the inevitable arguing :) to others.

Good luck


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Feb 22, 2010
I used Nordost when I had Alpha 9s. Great match.

Also, this should be in the accessories board to lower the risk of cable wars.


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Jan 16, 2013
Starting questions about interconnects or speaker cables around here is bound to lead to hundreds and hundreds of posts.

So I'll try and get in early.

The first thing I would say this.

Good interconnects and speaker cables won't necessarily improve your sound, but won't do any harm, whereas bad ones definitely can cause a drop in sound quality (however you like to measure it) and some say different cables impart different tonal qualities and clarities, wherea others MAY help damp out over-bright systems. None of this will make any difference to some sh*tty system you buy from Argos, but onece you move above that level, the cables can make a difference. When it comes to which cables, like speakers, or amps or CD players or what you hang on the walls, it's your ears, so you decide.

Secondly, I would add this. I think too many people put too much emphais on the cables, neglecting what's on the ends. You can have 100 quid a foot speaker cables but if you try and hook them up using, for agrument's sake, paper clips to fit them to your amp or speaker terminals, what's the point? Likewise 100 quid a foot speaker cables, 50 quid each banana plugs and you use a five quid tube of solder from B&Q to join them, and you're wasting your time. Therefore it's as important to look at how the cables are terminated as it is the cables themselves, and, generally speaking and bare speaker wires aside, the more expensive the cables, the better they are terminated.


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Feb 1, 2013
Try a Chord Company crimson or if you can stretch, try the cobra which sound a little better to me on my set up. You can usually find both on eBay so you can you can sell them on again for little to no loss if you can't hear the difference.


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